Wetland Delineation and Assessment

Flatwoods Consulting Group has expertise in wetland ecology and regulatory policy. Our staff, including Professional Wetland Scientists, is experienced in the application of wetland rules of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE), Natural Resource Conservation Service (NRCS), Florida Department of Environmental Protection (DEP), all Florida Water Management Districts, as well as various local municipalities. We supply the full range of wetland services including:

  • Federal Wetlands Determination according to the 1987 U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Wetlands Delineation, including the application of SWANCC and Rapanos

  • State of Florida Formal Wetland Determination (62-340 F.A.C.)

  • NRCS Wetland Delineation

  • Uniform Mitigation Assessment Method (UMAM)

  • Wetland Rapid Assessment Procedure (WRAP)

  • Wetland Assessment Procedure (WAP)

  • Feasibility and Constraints Analysis

  • Design and Implementation of Environmental Management Plans (EMP) in the support of Water Use Permits

  • Seagrass/SAV mapping and monitoring