Corporate Resume

Flatwoods Consulting Group Inc. (Flatwoods) is a Florida-based Small Business Enterprise (SBE) specializing in ecology and environmental regulation. Our goal is to provide the highest quality consultation to our clients in a cost-effective manner. Our team of highly qualified scientists and professionals has advanced degrees, professional certifications, and project experience related to many aspects of upland, wetland, and benthic ecology, wildlife surveys, and various types of ecological monitoring, permitting, and mitigation. Flatwoods’ staff members have served clients in the southeastern United States for over ten years. Our comprehensive technical approach, in-depth understanding of natural resources, and regulatory experience result in invaluable project solutions for our clients. Flatwoods has experience in successfully addressing the complex environmental and regulatory challenges associated with transportation and utilities, mining, agriculture, and municipal projects as well as industrial, commercial, residential, and multi-use developments. The following project examples and associated map summarize the diverse experience of our staff throughout the region.