What Sets Us Apart

Experience and Reputation:

Flatwoods Consulting Group has assembled a group of informed and reputable scientists trusted by clients and regulators. Each project has unique regulatory components and requirements, and our staff of dedicated professionals can comprehensively address the full range of natural resource disciplines on any project. Using our collective expertise and experience, Flatwoods Consulting Group cuts through the complexities and establishes and implements a plan to minimize the processing time on your project.

Focus and Efficiency:

Flatwoods Consulting Group quickly identifies project needs and develops a unique, goals-based approach to address your issues. We never take the one size fits all approach but instead develop a tailored solution for each project. We draw from our team of experienced natural resource professionals to analyze every relevant project detail and eliminate potential obstacles before complex challenges arise. Our goal is to plan and manage smart project solutions in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Innovation and Adaptability:

Flatwoods Consulting Group provides innovative natural resource solutions for multiple types of project challenges. We work within the regulatory framework to obtain environmental permits that provide long-term benefits to our clients while protecting natural resources. We use sound science as the basis for customized solutions to complex issues. Our ability to develop project-specific mitigation strategies and holistic management plans results in the most appropriate solution for the resources and the client.